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Mudflaps & Accessories

So you like to take the back roads? Yeah, we know. Sometimes getting there faster requires gettin’ a little dirty. We understand that. Dirt is fine, but mud can cake up, slow you down, and make your pickup or truck look like you’ve been joy riddin’ at your uncle’s pig farm. Do yourself a favor and order some mud flaps for your pickup or truck.

Mud Flaps or Mudflaps?

Some people say mud flaps is two words, some write it as if it is important enough to be just one. All we know is with Chrome Pickup you can have custom fit mounting brackets, anti-sail brackets, as well weights for your mud flaps.

Mud Flaps Accessories

We’ve even got mud flaps' accessories for you lucky son-of-guns with Dual Wheel pickup trucks. The more wheels the better, right? We've got some cool mud flaps for you non-Texans from Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Georgia. Don't worry, we won't hold that against you.

Whether you’re a high rise condo-livin’ Urban Cowboy who takes weekend trips to the Red River, or you’re a full-time dirt road driving cowhand, get yourself some of Chrome Pickup’s mudflaps, and you will see why some feel why the term is important enough to be spelled as one word.

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