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Bed Rails

Whether bouncing through a backwoods trail or hauling the mower to mom’s house on a Saturday, these bed rails give the grip to keep your butts in the truck. Chrome offers the widest selection of pickup & truck bed rails available…it doesn’t matter if you got an ’87 S10 pickup or a brand new F-350 truck. Made for heavy duty use, these bed rails are forged out of 16 gauge carbon steel, some sporting stainless steel plates for extra protection. For those of you who don’t mess around, Big WillyTM bed rails are made with massive die cast ends, 18 gauge stainless steel tubing.

Bed Rails for Reinforcement

Need to tie down your dirt bikes, camping supplies, awnry kids? Heck, maybe even rip a rotten porch beam off the front of the house? These bed rails can fit up to a 1" diameter rope or chain, strong enough to secure whatever you haul, pull…or punish. And don’t let size fool ya; the 1 1/4" Little WillyTM bed rails are manufactured from the same materials as the Big Willy TM and look great on smaller trucks or for someone looking for a smaller tube.