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Rancher Rugged Step

Go Industries, maker of the Rancher Grille Guard™, introduces its latest big idea: the Rancher Rugged Step™ for full-size trucks – commercial grade for heavy-duty use – for your work truck or commercial truck.
With the big truck of today – and the trucks are getting higher – the Rancher Rugged Step will provide a wide, heavy-duty, secure step to access the cab. This big, 8.25” wide step for a sure footed step is made from two inch round tube and two inch, ten gauge steel runners for a trouble free step. It is first zinc plated and then a gloss black powder coat finish is applied for a rust free protection. Strong, high strength steel brackets are vehicle specific for an easy, no drill installation. And as an added feature, a “mud scraper” is included to remove mud and other debris from your boot or shoe before stepping into your truck.